Dogs on holiday?

Many people choose self-catering holiday houses that welcome dogs so that all family members can join in the holiday - including the four legged members! If several families are holidaying together or groups of friends, this may mean that there will be three or four dogs. Canine holiday fun - they will exercise each other! Large holiday houses may be geared up with outdoor kennels for multiple dogs - but many people prefer their fury friends to be by the fire and stay inside with them. Read the property features carefully and be sure you understand if the house offers an enclosed garden, a dog cage on site, pet food bowls or outdoor hose for washing your dog after a muddy walk. With big groups of people and several dogs, these elements are important - so make sure you coordinate your groups pets needs before booking a self-catering holiday house. Sometimes the houses that allow you to bring more than one pet offer shaded parking and water taps. If the house you are renting is close to the sea and you will be doing water sports as a main activity, don't forget the canine life jackets when packing! Pet friendly accommodation is very popular - especially in the school holidays for the larger houses, when families and groups gather and have several dogs between them.
One word of warning - if you are going on an activity break - golfing holiday for example and want to leave the dog behind - some holiday house owners request that dogs are not allowed to be left unattended in the rental property.

Pets and dogs welcome to stay

Pet friendly self-catering for more than one dog?

Accommodation for pets can be a vital ingredient in holiday planning. It is hard to book a kennel and leave your best friend behind! and often when relaxed on holiday you have more time for walks and fun with your dog. Pet friendly houses can be rented for weekend, weekly rentals or fortnightly holiday durations.

Pet friendly - what does it mean?

The assumption is often that a pet is a dog ... but we asked one cottage owner who said: 'we have had multiple dogs to stay, but many other pets too - we have had house rabbits that have been the size of a dog, we have had cats, Ferrets and a Shetland pony as well. Many people look for pet friendly places to stay so their family pets can go on holiday with them, we are lucky enough to be able to accommodate most animals. My friend had a house snake to stay in her holiday cottage - but I am afraid that we would have to have said no tot this- as the housekeeper would have run away!'.

We highly recommend that if the rental property says pets allowed or pet friendly - and you are taking a pet other than a dog, that you ask the owners, or call the help line to double check that it is O.K. Most property owners will accommodate request if they can.
We also recommend that before going to stay in a dog friendly holiday house, that you check your pets microchip details are up to date. Then if your dog gets lost, or wanders away, their microchip can be used to identify your pet.