Are you organising a golfing holiday for a group of friends?

Looking for the ultimate golf vacation? - There are specialised golf tours operators and dedicated golfers hotels who specialise in arranging golf holidays at popular clubs. However we can guide you through booking large group accommodation close to GOLF courses of your choice giving you lots of freedom and flexibility to tailor make the perfect golf holiday. Buying a 'golfing passport' to an area, often allow you to play several courses at a discounted 'Green Fee' rate. Be aware that some golf clubs require handicap certificates and pre-booking is advised and will certainly help manage expectation of your group. There are holiday houses available whether you are arranging a weekend golf break, a mid-week escape or several weeks holiday, simply search by the number of people you wish to accommodate in the region that you wish to play golf.

Welsh golf holiday, Scottish golf holiday or English golf holiday?

The UK has some of the best, picturesque and challenging golf courses in the world. Golfing holidays can be booked all over the country and there are many different styles and characteristics of courses to suit all players. You can find inland 'Parkland' golf courses that are typically laid out with green fairways and mature trees, they are normally set out really well and challenge players by making shots into the holes tricky with hazards such as trees or bunkers. Most towns or cities in England, Scotland and Wales (and The Scottish Borders) will have a few golf courses to choose from and the prices can range - cheaper green fees doesn't necessarily mean the course is worse than a more expensive one and vice versa. Some of the best courses in the UK are Parkland Courses, and visitors can challenge themselves to different courses each day!

No matter where you are you will find a Golf Course quite close by, there is no official number of golf courses in UK published, however, the county of Surrey in England has over 140 golf courses, and the town of St Andrew's in Fife, Scotland has more than 11, Edinburgh over 20 - 'Visit Scotland' report that there are more Scottish golf courses per head of population than anywhere else in the world, with over 550 courses. Wales has over 200 courses.

Short break and weekend golf holidays

More and more golfers are enjoying the multitude of courses available and are taking off for long weekends and short golfing mini breaks, a weeks holiday to play golf requires a patient family or a multi activity centre for the rest of the family. Groups of golfers often stay in rented accommodation there is a superb choice of large houses to rent, some cottages around complexes, other large holiday homes are easily accessible to large golfing areas. Many Golfers head for the coast to find 'Links' courses. These are the original style of course, typically built on the land 'linking' the sea and the mainland. Usually the Links are built on sand dunes covered in grasses, both short and long. Links Golf is often a challenge as the courses are sculpted in their surroundings, making accurate shots vital. Add some wind, sunshine and sea views and you can see the appeal! Another benefit of self-catering is that it is very easy to find suitable group accommodation in large holiday houses near the seaside with plenty of local attractions and holiday activities for others in the group or family to do for entertainment if they are not golfers.