Are you organising a holiday for keen anglers or people who want to learn to fish?

Hands apart! We have all seen people who have done it! Anglers, that is, their hands apart, palms facing inwards, describing the BIG one – that is, the very BIG fish that got away.

learn to fish on holiday

There are so many locations in the UK where anglers can go fishing. And whether the preference is for salt water fishing by the sea or off the coast, or for freshwater fishing in lakes, lochs, rivers or other freshwaters, the UK is renowned some of the finest fishing available anywhere. For those not so keen to fish there is always amazing walks along the river banks or beaches if it's sea fishing that your friends are after.

And while some people, particularly the men but also women, sometimes like to head off for a day’s secluded fishing on their own, it is otherwise a very sociable and relaxing sport, especially afterwards when each regales the other about the 'one that got away'. Better still to eat the catch of the day - holiday houses are well equipped for self-catering and often have a barbecue for alfresco dining outside.

learn to fish on holiday

Places to stay with fishing activities for anglers

However, it’s not especially enjoyable to go too fishing alone too far from home, especially for an overnight stay. offer solutions for groups who wish to head off on an angling break to compete against friends and then in the evening be able to regale one another about the BIG ones that got away! You will see self-catering accommodation in big cottages and houses for groups of people who want to head off together to one of the many wonderful fishing locations throughout the UK.

So whether it’s carp fishing in Essex, coarse and trout fishing in Devon, salmon, trout and sea-trout fishing in the Teifi Valley in Wales or even fly-fishing for Atlantic salmon and trout in Scotland, you will find a wonderful rental home for the entire group to stay in, even at the last minute, all under one roof. Everyone will have a favourite fishing location - take friends and they may become hooked!